Powerhouse 24/7

4183 Wyoga Lake Rd


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“Weekend Warriors” 

Saturdays @ 12:30 pm

Free for members, $10 for non-members



No start-up fee options as low as $20 a month!

 About The Gym

Powerhouse 24/7 has 24 Hour Gym Access.  We cater to men and women who need a gym that offers everything needed to conquer their goals.

What Makes Us Different?

 24 Hour Gym Access

Open to members 24 hours a day, every day of the year!  We know how valuable your time is. Your time is important to us, that is why we chose to make our facility always available to you.

Large Variety of Free Weight Equipment

Powerhouse 24/7 has a large variety of equipment to suit your needs. If you want to go heavy on bench press, squats, or with dumbbells, we have the tools you need. We carry dumbbells up to 150lbs and have 4 squat stations with all the free weights you will need.  Kettle bells, jump ropes, box jumps, heavy tires and row machines, along with a wide assortment of resistance machines and cardio equipment.

Other Amenities

- Private shower

- Separate men’s and women’s locker rooms

-Personal Training sessions and group classes




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